Professional digital signage made easy

The digital signage platform with the most features

Limitless software

Responsive control console

SignageControl® allows your clients simple log in to directly modify clips or manage scheduling via their desktop, tablet or mobile. The easy-to-use responsive control console gives full control and enables easy, realtime response to events!

Animation without the need for technical expertise

The SignageControl® library contains standard clips and video magazines created by our editorial team. We also have an extensive collection of modifiable templates, allowing you to generate fully animated clips by simply completing a form!

Use your own media

You can easily add your own media, videos, images, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations to the schedule. If you don’t have enough of your own media, or your client is looking for a fully developed system, it's possible to implement an own-brand option based on video templates.

Extensive library of videos and images

SignageControl® provides a vast quantity of entertainment programmes, images and live widgets available for all clients to use. This means your client won’t need to provide content. Instead, content is modified in real-time based on the latest information, using files, news and social media. Every month we publish new video magazines on a variety of topics, as well as trailers for popular movies and games.

Even more great features to give you the best digital signage platform

SignageControl® is a powerful, user-friendly and flexible online platform for providing your clients with Digital Signage. You set the fee levels and benefit from regular updates and access to numerous additional options. SignageControl® in brief:

Intuitive controls

The timing of clips, programmes and playlists can be fine-tuned so they appear at different times of the day or week, or adjusted to suit a specific location. All screens are controlled from a single console, so your clients retain control of the broadcast schedules and are able to respond rapidly to events.

Digital Signage in “the cloud”

The software for SignageControl® runs in “the cloud”. This provides the software with a reliable failover system, keeping the media players online. With SignageControl® you have a guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

Multiple hardware systems

SignageControl® runs on HTML5 and displays images in HD quality. Clever software development means that SignageControl® can be played in a number of different ways, so your clients can choose to use a separate media player or to link up with the Samsung Smart Signage platform.


We strongly believe in the power of customisation to boost relevance, so we get together with our partners to discuss how to translate the end client’s requirements into custom solutions. We can integrate specific (RSS/XML) feeds in the clips, or develop dedicated animation sequences.

Continuous development

SignageControl® is a complete platform with the capacity to exploit the very latest developments in digital signage. Plus our team of software developers, media technicians and suppliers are continuously at work, delivering new updates and features every two weeks.

Extensive API documentation

SignageControl® has been built by specialists with a passion for Open Source techniques. All the options for external linkages are clearly documented in the API manual, allowing SignageControl® to be integrated in your CMS or CRM or its own control console.


We have a closed ecosystem that enhances our platform's ability to remain extremely stable within a monitored display network.

IAdea HTML5 HD media player with SignageControl®

IAdea digital signage players bring the future to you. These media player powerhouses are specifically designed for digital signage and renowned for their speed and reliability. We work exclusively with IAdea and will ensure your IAdea media player is set up and configured perfectly for you. We will then either send your personalised IAdea media player directly to you or our own team will install your digital signage player onsite. Either way, you can be 100% sure your media player is set up to maximize the full potential of the SignageControl® software. 

Professional LG monitors with LGWebos integrate directly with SignageControl®

Advantages Of Using LG WebOS Displays For Digital Signage: Less Power Consumption: Reduced electricity costs with advanced System on Chip(SoC) Embedded Hardware Media player: No external player required as the LG webOS tv has a built-in media player. Low Setup Costs: Reduced setup and installation costs with no need for additional lengthy cables and accessories. Easy Installation Process: Simply follow the guided process, with just a few steps. That’s it. High Performance: Experience great performance with powerful SoC delivering faster content execution to your screens Highly Secured: Stay secure with high-level security at both hardware and firmware levels. Highly Scalable and Flexible: Build a digital signage network that's easy and effective to manage across locations Saves time: Easily publish across your digital signage networks from a centralized location.

Samsung Tizen with SignageControl®

Our digital signage solution has the most features and it's now integrated with Samsung's most innovative and powerful new screen Tizen: a digital signage monitor with built-in media player. As an industry pioneer, we work closely with Samsung to create integrated, visual displays. Our rich digital signage software, with its extensive features and options suitable for every sector, is combined with the powerful professional Samsung displays. Tizen is a 4th generation Samsung System On Chip (SOC) that exceeds expectations.