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SignageControl is a powerful, easy-to-use and flexible online Digital Signage platform. Inform your customers, improve your business success by increasing revenue and strengthen the attractiveness of your product portfolio by making it more modern and eye-catching.

All SignageControl solutions

Thanks to our solutions, you can meet a wide range of customer needs, some of which may require specific customised development.

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Check out all the solutions we offer in this presentation:

Pre-designed themes

Showcase your own content using easy templates. Creating professional content is easy with our pre-designed themes.

News and entertainment

Discover our entertaining videos to show in waiting rooms or inform your audience with news feeds such as BCC, Sport, Glamour, etc.

On the SignageControl platform you will find video magazines on health, sports, music, video games, culture, sport, cinema and more.

Social networks

Share your social media activity on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flicker, etc. with interactive clips.

Documents and RSS feeds

Upload a variety of content types and templates such as PDF, PowerPoint, videos, RSS Feeds, images or display your web pages.

Benefits of our service

We offer:

• A cost-effective, attractive and innovative solution as well as generating a strong revenue stream.

• We also offer add-ons, such as displays and content to increase your revenue per customer.

• Mixing your current portfolio and increasing your cross-selling possibilities will help you stay relevant and inspire your customers with new services and tools to grow your business.

Solutions per application

Solutions Digital Signage

Discover all the solutions of digital signage that we can offer:

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Solutions COVID-19

Technological solutions for improved hygiene, capacity control and contact avoidance.

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Meeting Room TV

Suitable room. Right time. Right meeting. Easy.

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Waiting Room TV

Enliven your customers' waiting time

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Wayfinding TV

Point your visitors in the right direction.

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Menu TV

Your customers will decide what to get from your menu by looking at the screens while they wait.

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Engage your employees with relevant company information.

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Seduce your customers just when they are looking for the right product.

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