Screens for menus in restaurants

Digital Signage for the menu card for the hospitality industry

Digital displays to view the restaurant menu

With Menu TV you can easily inform your customers about daily or weekly menu changes and special offers. Menu changes are easy to implement and are immediately visible on the Digital Signage display. You can also use it to stimulate sales using videos and photos. To make it even easier for you, we have developed a template especially for the Menu TV.

You can create a menu in no time and showcase everything you have to offer.

You can also display your products, communicate opening hours and/or showcase your special offers. You can choose the color theme to match your corporate image.

Three basic configurations

Experience quality design with carefully crafted code

Configuration 1: Manual input

Use the SiganeControl platform to fill your menu boards with easy-to-use forms. Enter all texts and choose the corresponding colors and images. You can use countless images (for each segment) from our content library, or upload your own images.

The QuickEdit function makes it even easier to make quick adjustments to your menu board. Price change? No problem! Within seconds you will have adjusted the price on your screen with the QuickEdit function. This allows you to make adjustments quickly via your own secure URL, without having to log in to our platform!

Configuration 2: link to your cash register system.

We can also integrate your cash register system with SignageControl. By doing this, the products and prices on your screen always match those on your cash register. Select your own style and let SignageControl do the rest.

Configuration 3: QR Menu TV

Forget paper menus. We help you comply with security regulations with our contactless solution for restaurants.

At SignageControl we have created QR Menu TV, a technological solution based on QR codes to show the menu of your restaurant on the mobile phone of your customers and on screen, avoiding contact with surfaces.

Solutions per application

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