Meeting room technology solutions for business and teams

Due to technological advances, presenting and sharing information is more important than ever.

As an organisation, it is advisable to keep your employees well informed to ensure engagement with your company. With the KPI TV solution you can show information to your audience in an attractive format:

  • New employee or employee of the month updates.
  • General company information, work culture and company objectives.
  • Sales analytics via Google or Microsoft Power BI.
  • Rankings and analytics of top marketeers.
  • Global or local information displayed in an attractive way.
  • Company events and social media.

  • Easy connection to Google or Microsoft Power BI

    With audiovisual content, you can bring dull, static company information to life. We can also easily integrate your existing data and content platforms such as Google or Microsoft Power BI.

    Two configurations to choose from

    Real-time information

    Available data is displayed in real time on each screen, at any time of the day. Manual updates can also be made by easily synchronising the platforms. Keep your employees and guests constantly up to date with useful information.

    Dynamic information

    Additional dynamic, animated and audio-visual information can be added and updated regularly. Display a graph of the previous week's trading performance or trends over the past few months. Update every 24 or 48 hours or at a specific time or other time interval of your choice.

    Customisable content

    Team TV content is custom made

    The look and feel is adaptable to your own brand style. This product offers a reliable solution for hardware and content management.

  • Content is always custom made
  • Customised to your company's style
  • We have developed this product with great care for your application and continue to develop it further. Do you have questions, wishes, modifications and/or additions for this product? We are convinced that we can also adapt it to your company, so let us know what you need!


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