POS TV monitor

Point of Sale displays to enhance the customer experience

Seduce your customers just when they are looking for the right product.

With POS TV you can convey a very specific message to highlight the strengths of your product. Display this information via a small screen on the shelf, right next to the product. Start the interaction by means of a touch screen or motion sensor activated displays.

Gather the necessary content and display it through the SignageControl Digital Signage platform. Schedule promotional videos or product demonstration videos. By using a powerblock, you can also respond to events from any distance, at any time.

Mini POS displays

POS TV with high resolution LED display excels in its performance because it is specifically designed as a digital sign. Combined with our Digital Signage platform, its promotional possibilities are endless.

Customisable POS monitors

To include POS TV with your own branding, you can create videos with templates that can be fully customised. This product offers a reliable solution for content and hardware management.

  • Add your company logo in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Adjust the colors
  • We have developed this product with great care to meet the needs of consumers. Do you have questions? Do you want to modify or add to this product? We are convinced that we can also adapt it to your environment, so let us know what you need!

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    Seduce your customers just when they are looking for the right product.

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